Wilder School Program for 2017

The School Tour Program brings students on a journey through the Wilder Family’s homestead.

Volunteers guide children to a sense of the past during an approximately two-hour tour.  Young visitors learn local history, and are encouraged to envision a boy of their age working and living on his family farm 150 years ago.


Students and teachers travel through the Wilder home, barns, sheepfold, pump house, and museum.  At several points, hands-on experiences help students step into Almanzo’s world. They walk through the woods to a replica schoolhouse, simulating the Wilder children’s walk to school.  Once there, they may participate in a simple lesson to get the feeling of school in days gone by. Students and adults as well are welcome to visit the General Store in small groups where they can choose from a wide variety of books as well as souvenir items. Teachers may choose to walk students to the Trout River where the Wilders fished and washed sheep, downstream from where they would have cut ice. The bag lunch visitors bring can be enjoyed in the pavilion.


School tours are conducted during the months of May through October. Dates within these months may be reserved throughout the school year. Planning and reserving ahead is strongly encouraged as June dates in particular fill quickly. Teachers are requested to have students read the book, Farmer Boy, prior to the tour. The reading level and content are suitable for fourth grade. Teachers are welcome to bring students to learn local history without reading the book but are asked to notify the farm so that some alterations to the tour may be considered.


After the visit it is recommended that students review or enhance their experiences in some manner. Some suggestions are making butter, conducting an experiment to see if popcorn and milk can occupy the same space, writing what it would be like to be Almanzo 150 years ago with no electricity, running water, telephone, electronic devices such as television or computers, etc.

Lesson plans are expected to be added to the website over the next year.

Teachers choosing to bring their classes to Almanzo Wilder Homestead may call 518-483-1207 (farm number which is checked periodically off season), or email farm@almanzowilderfarm.com for reservations.

School and home school group tour charges for 2018 are $3.50 for children; all adults accompanying tours are charged $7.00. One adult is free for each 20 students. 3 free for 40 or more.