Several ALIWA Board members showed up to prune apple trees under the direction of Rich Gast from Franklin County Cornell Cooperative Extension.  It was another chilly day in this late, cold spring.  The work went well and when the sun was out it was comfortable and fun.
Research tells us these apples are in the same location as the orchard during Almanzo’s time on the farm.  It is an excellent location, on the south side of the house with the land sloping gently down to the north, toward the St. Lawrence Valley.  The north slope keeps the apples dormant later into spring, avoiding late snap frosts which will kill the apple blossoms.  The gentle slope also helps cold air drain away, further improving chances for success.
Working on the farm reveals how thoughtful the Wilders were about the placement of their farm, buildings, fields and orchards.  Nothing was done thoughtlessly or casually.  This was an excellent location for their farm, and they took every opportunity to work productively with nature.
Boyce Sherwin, ALIWA Board Member