The Almanzo Wilder Homestead is technically the homestead of Almanzo’s father, James Mason Wilder, who purchased the property in 1840, cleared the land and built the buildings. His wife, and Almanzo’s mother, was Angeline Day Wilder. The couple were married on August 6, 1843 and raised six children, two of whom were not mentioned in Farmer Boy. The oldest daughter, Laura, was born June 15, 1844, and was possibly not mentioned to prevent confusion with Almanzo’s wife and author, Laura Ingalls Wilder. Oldest son Royal was born in 1847, daughter Eliza Jane apparently in 1850 (no known records show the exact date), Alice in 1853, and Almanzo in 1857. The youngest child, Perley, was not born until 1869. With the book primarily taking place while Almanzo was nine, Perley was not included because he was not yet born.