Each year, artists are invited to participate in the annual Wilder Homestead Juried Art Show, As Time Passes.

This eighth annual  was a showcase of regional artists’ two dimensional works with relationship to the life of the Wilders at the time they lived at the homestead in Burke, NY (1840-1875).

Artwork was on display in the one room schoolhouse September 17-24. Judges picked winners based on the criteria specified on the show prospectus.

The public was invited to vote for People’s Choice award. All the entries are shown here.

Several are available to purchase- please email farm@almanzowilderfarm.com for more information about purchasing.


2017  entries:

1st Place Washerwoman, Lorna Edwards    NFS


2nd  Place   Lads in Waiting, Rick Auger  $100


3rd Place    Good Old Days, Nova Edwards   NFS


People’s Choice    Chipmunk, Kathleen Recore   $50



Campfire,  Rick Auger  (photo on canvas)   $35



Farm Quilt Mandala, Patricia Croteau (water color & pencil)  Honorable Mention  $150


Wash Day on the Wilder Farm, Beatrice Brooks (acrylic)  Honorable Mention $45


Commissary, Rick Auger (photo on canvas)   $30



Setting the Stakes, Carole Bracy (photography)   $145


Mt. View, Mary Ellen Harrison (oili)  NFS


Lads in Waiting, Rick Auger (photo on canvas)   $100


Stormy, Lorna A. Eldred (pen & ink)  NFS


The Part of the Adirondacks, Sandra Young (oil )   $375


Line Up, Rick Auger (photo on canvas)   $100


Breakfast, Rick Auger (photo on canvas)   $120



Almanzo Wilder River, Sandra Young (oil)   $375


Gray Barn in January, Eileen Boots (acrylic)   $250


On the Fence, Carole Bracy (photography)   $145


Winter in the Mountains, Mary Ellen Harrison (Oil)   NFS



On the Farm, Eileen Boots (acrylic)   $200


Chipmunk, Kathleen Recore (photography) Honorable Mention  $50