Artists are invited to participate in the tenth annual show, which will be a showcase of regional artists’ two dimensional works with relationship to the life of the Wilders at the time they lived at the homestead in Burke, NY (1840-1875). Artwork is due by September 20th. Hanging fee is $20, which includes a one year membership to the Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder Association. Entries can be dropped off at the Wilder Farm on 177 Stacy Road in Burke. Artwork will be on display in the one room schoolhouse September 23 through 29. For more information or the prospectus, call the Wilder Homestead at 518-483-1207 or email



The 2018 entries are shown here. Several are available to purchase-  please email for more information about purchasing.

2018  entries:

1st Place Lazy Summer Afternoon, Lisa Minnich    $100


2nd  Place   Children On the Farm, Carole Bracy  $125


3rd Place    Free Fall Winter, Flossy Powell   $125


Honorable Mention    Almanzo’s Prize, Flossy Powell   $125


Honorable Mention    Beauty In the White Dress, Carole Bracy   $125


Honorable Mention  Sunrise Over the Meadow,  Sarah Budd (oil)   $280


Hint of Fall, Sandra Young (oil on wood)  $295


Autumn Beauty, Sarah Budd (acrylic)   $230

Sunny, Ann Ray (pastel)   $100



Burke Church 1872, Greta Thomas (photography)   $100


Almanzo’s Trout River, Sandra Young (oil on wood)  $295


Candle Light, Beatrice Brooks (acrylic)  $40



Sunflowers in Canada, Greta Thomas (photography)   $100


A New Look, Blake Hammons (photography) $25















Almanzo Wilder River, Sandra Young (oil)   $375



Gray Barn in January, Eileen Boots (acrylic)   $250



On the Fence, Carole Bracy (photography)   $145



Winter in the Mountains, Mary Ellen Harrison (Oil)   NFS




On the Farm, Eileen Boots (acrylic)   $200



Chipmunk, Kathleen Recore (photography) Honorable Mention  $50[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]