Wilder Farmhouse Roof Repair and Replacement Project 

The world has two types of people. The ones who need help and the ones who are able to provide that help. And as we appeal for assistance, the Board of Directors of the Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder Association want you to know that it’s about our mission, not just the money. But it will take money to make this happen.

The roof of the Wilder family farmhouse is currently in urgent need of repair and replacement. The house and the events which took place in it, as documented by Laura Ingalls Wilder in her book Farmer Boy, are celebrated by readers of Ingalls Wilder’s books around the world, and by fans of the Little House TV series, based upon those books,. And the home’s cedar tile roof, in and of itself, represents and preserves a characteristically traditional and time-honored method of workmanship used in home construction in the mid-to-late nineteenth century.

Your philanthropy will enable us to hire the craftsmen and purchase the materials and equipment needed to preserve the residence exactly as it stood in Almanzo’s time. Please help us keep the Association’s mission of rebuilding, preserving, and safeguarding, not only the home and buildings, but the depiction and celebration of the Wilder family, their farm, and Laura’s husband Almanzo’s upbringing, as written about so lovingly by Mrs. Wilder, in Farmer Boy.

A visit to the Wilder Farm offers families, classmates, historic enthusiasts, and fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books an opportunity to experience the barns, home, artifacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people documented in her book.

The preservation of that history through the preservation of this site, which is so important to it, helps visitors, and those within our community, recognize and understand this region’s heritage and encourages respect for its bucolic history.

We wish to express, in advance, our deepest appreciation to donors and benefactors for their support. And we would like you to know that your gift connects you to the museum and to our overall mission of education and historic preservation.

People visiting the Wilder home and museum, whether encountering the sight of the Farmer Boy narrative for the first …     or the fiftieth … time will have you to thank. As will we.  Richard Gast, ALIWA board member, volunteer

 To make donations online, go to http://almanzosgeneralstore.com/make-a-donation/.                                 Or, mail to ALIWA, PO Box 283  Malone NY 12953