ALIWA has made significant progress with plans to address some imperativeprojects that are needed to maintain the historic Wilder home and the barns. While supporters have been very generous over the years, other increased costs of operating the homestead do not allow us to accumulate the funds necessary to address costly maintenance needs. There is significant roof repair needed on the replica barns. The house has been suffering from drainage issues that, if not corrected, will continue to create excess moisture in the house, which has already begun to result in rot. The fix for this will require extensive ground and, possibly, well work to be done, as well as repair and mitigation efforts in the house itself. We are working with local architect, Tim McCarthy, to manage these projects and he has submitted final reports.

The Association’s long range plans include the addition of historically appropriate buildings to the site. We recognize the need to keep the homestead and its programs ever evolving to continue to be a significant source of education and interest to visitors. The association is utilizing the expertise of Tim McCarthy to develop a full site plan that will include additions such as an ice house and out house, and will address the all encompassing vision for the Wilder site going forward into the future. Our hope is that our current fundraising campaign will provide seed funds for future projects once the mandatory building repairs are completed.

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