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Designed By Sandra A. Young

Designed By Meg Youmans

Designed By Pat Ullrich

Sandra A. Young

Sandy Young is an artist whose rural Adirondack surroundings have greatly inspired her work. Whether working with water colors, acrylics, oil or pen and ink, she is able to capture the quiet beauty that is so much a part of her life.

Sandy opened her own business in 1985 and her artistic work started being recognized in 1986.

Meg Youmans

Meg Youmans has lived in the Brushton area for 30 years. She is a retired Licensed Practical Nurse and has served in the Army Reserves in Malone, NY.

Meg loves every minute of having time to be creative. One day while she was at the Wilder Farm, she saw a beautiful "Harrison Yellow Rose" and was inspired to duplicate it using polymer clay. The result was the beautiful brooch seen below.

Pat Ullrich

Pat resides in an 1850's farmhouse in Dekalb Junction, New York, with her husband, Cal, their four labs and six cats.

Pat enjoys quilting and applique in the winter and gardening in the summer.

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